“Gold is like the sun and silver is the moon… I prefer to work at daytime!” Felix Bresler.


Handcrafted fine jewelry art by Felix Bresler. Danish born in 1963. In the 80’s he trained as a goldsmith in Copenhagen, attended the goldsmith academy Staatliche Zeichenakademie Hanau in Germany to train as a stonesetter, travelled to Australia and worked as a jeweler for three years and upon his return to Denmark he worked at the main studio of Georg Jensen as well as with Arje Griegst.

During the past 20 years Felix has worked as an independent jewelry designer, with his studio located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.

As an artist Felix’ preference is to draw inspiration from nature and fantastical fiction. Mythology, H.C. Andersen and the organic beauty that is found in nature, are all important parts of Felix’ artistic world. His inspirations stem from a deep rooted fascination of natural science and the beauty that lies in the cycles of nature.

As a jewelry artist and stonesetter, Felix always works in-house and is the sole creator of all pieces. He works only in precious materials – 18 karat gold and high quality pearls and gemstones – diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and black opals to mention some. The craftsmanship is very important to him and something he cherishes to protect. Felix uses some of the oldest goldsmith methods, which are a rare sight today. All pieces are modeled by hand directly in the fluent gold, little by little – this is only possible in 18 karat gold or higher – and this way, the material leads the way. “No mistakes occur in this process, because beauty is created from every imperfection” Felix Bresler.


Felix has always had a great passion for gemstones and has been collecting them his whole life. He has an endless knowledge – and collection – of jewels.

His life’s journey has taken him many places all around the world, but especially Australia has a significant place in his heart. Living there for many years and today visiting as often as possible, Felix has both mined sapphires and opals and crafted plus exhibited jewelry and sculptures. Along with his third education as a Mineralogical Conservationist from 1994, he has gained greater understanding, fascination and experience of nature through his travels, studies and art.


Felix digging for opals in Lightning Ridge Australia, 2004