Handcrafted fine jewelry art and supplier of gemstones and pearls, since whenever…



Inspired by nature and fantastical fiction – Mythology, H.C. Andersen and the organic beauty that is found in nature – are all important parts of Felix’ artistic world. This stems from a deep rooted fascination of natural science and the beauty that lies in the cycles of nature.

As a jewelry artist and stonesetter, Felix always works in-house and is the sole creator of all pieces. His favorite materials are 18 karat gold and high quality pearls and gemstones – diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and black opals to mention some.

Felix his slogan “Since Whenever”, because the materials used in jewelry were created millions of years ago, and because good craftsmanship is a continuous development that is not necessarily stuck in time. 



Felix has a great knowledge and passion for gemstones, opals and pearls, and has been collecting them his whole life. If you as a customer or jeweler want to purchase gemstones, you are more than welcome to pay us a visit or contact us. We are open to video calls, if you don’t have the possibility to visit our studio. 



We also specialize in custom-made orders, where your wishes are met and made in Felix’ art universe. Or, if you are interested in our jewelry but wish to have another stone set, almost anything is possible (e.g. color, quality or size) – either you can bring your own gemstone or you can choose from our large stone collection. For such orders, a design meeting between customer and Felix is required. Contact us for any inquiries by phone or email or visit us at our shop in Copenhagen.



We offer repairs, retouch and cleaning of old jewelry.



We make jewelry valuation/appraisal certificates. The price for a certificate is from 1200 DKK.  



We buy and recycle your old gold. Bring your old gold and have it valuated.





Entering our shop in Copenhagen you walk into a pleasant down-to-earth service and atmosphere, where you can investigate and see our unique jewelry art of high quality. Feel free to contact us for prices, custom-made jewelry, how to order or other inquiries. You are always welcome to visit our shop, or we can ship worldwide.

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Phone: +45 60 64 02 35 // email: info@felixbresler.com